C#/.NET framework and system to control animatronics, lights, motors, pneumatics, pixel ropes. This is not a DMX GUI like the excellent Light-O-Rama, Vixen Lights, Lightjams or similar applications. Instead this system is to build interactive displays based on simple C# code.


For Halloween 2012 I was planning to have a pressure mat activate a sequence that would turn on lights, strobes, pneumatics and a skeleton moving along a track in the ceiling. I was going through the selection of great software that's available for creating Christmas displays, but I didn't find something that had easy support for triggers. Also the GUI nature of those applications meant I had to move multiple channels left and right just to get the timing right. Since I'm a C# developer I figured I can apply those skills and build an extensive framework where I'm in full control.

For Christmas 2012 I used the same system to control my Christmas lights, including synchronized lights/music.


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Source Code

Full source code is available on my github page: